Architect by Oporto University (Portugal).

Freelance cartoonist and Illustrator.

Published on Tintin 1978.

Winner of Cartoon contest on weekly newspaper “Extra” in Portugal in 1979.

Daily cartoonist for JN newspaper – Jornal de Notícias, in 1981.

Finalist of the CIPE Cartoon contest in 2012, in Washington.

Finalist of the public prize of the XV PortoCartoon in 2013.

Published on digital newspaper P3 Público in 2012.

Selected to the 2nd stage of the Third international competition of cartoons/ caricatures “Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union”.

Published on an article of David Broman on weekly newspaper LeJeudi (Luxembourg), about free circulation and european migrations in the European Union.

Published on italian newspaper Il Manifesto on January 2015: Il costo della Storia che pesa su Berlino.

Illustration on italian site of news Pianoinclinato.

Site drawings for DBS – Dubay Business Services – Alaska – USA

Illustration work for Archer Corp – USA

Illustration work for (map to promote business) Silver Creek Physical therapy, Fremont – California

Cartoon work for Kinematic Design, LLC – New York

Author of the book How to become a successful politician – Chiado Editora, 2016.

Ilustration of the leaflet published by Os Verdes political party about the 40 years of the Portuguese Constitution – 2016.

Illustration of the book Manual Breve de Cidadania Local, by Prof. António Cândido de Oliveira and publisher Câmara Municipal de Valongo, 2016.

Illustration of the book Código de Conduta dos Intervenientes no Sistema Nacional de Contratação Pública em Cabo Verde, by Prof. Isabel Fonseca, 2017

Illustration work for Proef – Porto, March 2017

Selected to the exhibition related with the Comemorations of Europe Day, in 2014, organized by the Centro Nacional de Banda Desenhada e Imagem, together with the Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC), by the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa and by the Gabinete do Parlamento Europeu em Lisboa, wich theme is Europe in Cartoons.

Exhibition at the Knock-Heist CartoonFestival 2016, in Belgium.


How can someone sit comfortably while at the same time a lot of things have been doing to destroy basic principles of our civilization?
INcartoons is about it. It means it is a place of free opinion, real democracy and liberty to denounce what the owners of our world are currently doing, as well a place to laugh with our own tragedy and the meaning of life nowadays.

I began making cartoons again since the beginning of 2010. Before that, I had experiences on newpapers with comics when I was younger, but professional life as an architect took me also to other interests, places and opportunities. However, drawing was since the beginning my first passion, and making cartoons was for sure my way of getting together passion and social commitment on a short narrative.

Here you can find also other related sections, such as Urban Sketches, Illustrations and Books.

I hope you enjoy it.

Comments and sharing are welcome.
Thank you.


Como pode alguém ficar confortavelmente sentado quando ao mesmo tempo um conjunto de coisas estão a ser feitas para destruir princípios básicos da nossa civilização?

INcartoons trata disso mesmo. É um espaço de livre opinião, verdadeira democracia e liberdade para denunciar o que os senhores do nosso mundo andam a fazer, bem como um espaço para nos rirmos com as nossas próprias tragédias e o sentido da vida nos dias de hoje.

Comecei de novo a trabalhar em cartoons no início de 2010. Antes disso, colaborei em jornais quando era bem mais novo, mas a minha vida profissional como arquitecto levou-me também para outros interesses, lugares e oportunidades. No entanto, desenhar foi desde sempre a minha paixão, e fazer cartoons foi sem dúvida a minha maneira de juntar paixão com compromisso social numa narrativa curta.

Aqui pode encontrar também outras páginas relacionadas, tais como Urban Sketches, Ilustrações e Livros.

Espero que apreciem.

Comentários e partilhas são bem-vindos.


Telmo Quadros
©copyright protected


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to write in english, but my vocabulary is not enough to do it. So, I’m going to coment in portuguese, if you d’ont mind….
    E para manifestar a minha admiração perante tanto talento, oportunidade, e sentido de humor… parabéns!


  2. Hi,

    I am a journalist for the small news weekly Le Jeudi in Luxembourg. I’m having a look at the “new european migrations” due to the economic crisis — here in Luxembourg there are many Portugese citizens. I would like to know if you could give me authorisation to publish, with this report I’m finishing, your 2013 cartoon with the government announcing the end of the problems and the old man as remaining “force”. And if so what are your conditions, keeping in mind we are very very small 😉 Many thanks.
    David Broman


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