The 1st May 2012 in Portugal

(Published on P3-Público digital newspaper)1.º de maio

Lembram-se daquele 1.º de Maio em que o Pingo Doce vendeu tudo pela metade do preço? E de repente o 1.º de Maio transformou-se numa festa do consumo desenfreado e irracional. Um dos meus cartoons preferidos.

4 thoughts on “The 1st May 2012 in Portugal”

  1. I had an art show booked a year in advance to open on May Day. But we agreed to move it to June to take advantage of a different street festival occurring outside the gallery. We sacrificed the symbolism for the potential of more sales. I don’t feel bad because I really, really do need to sell something. So it seems you are right – we did consider the symbolism but just decided that we couldn’t afford it!


    1. Selling is needed for surviving, no problem at all. But in the case of the drawing, it was an enormous propaganda all over the country and a big mess with people trying to enter and buy things, with some violence and police to calm down everybody…


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